Slang in Tracy, CA for crystal meth.
Dude do you have any poofa?
Fuuck man I'm hella poofin...
Did you poof last night?
You dropped the poofa you fucking idiot!
by Brooke P. April 26, 2005
Top Definition
Slang reference to the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association forum and its members because its easier to enunciate than PAFOA. PAFOA is a Second Amendment Rights organization based in Pennsylvania working to protect, expand, and reclaim rights protected by the state and federal Constitutions that have been lost to intrusive government and useless feel good legislation.
Did you see the new thread on the Poofa boards?
Are you a member of Poofa?
by KalishNikova October 14, 2009
This is a term that refers to the big bulge that obese people have around their bladder area. It sometimes can look like two big balls of greasy fat. It must be lifted up when engaging in any type of sexual activity and can crush the partner if they are not carefull.
Daaaaamn that's a HUUUUGE BITCH. She has a nasty ass poofa dude. It's pertruding. fuck
by Seanesto Esteva April 22, 2009
A female who can be too sensitive and usually doesn't want to cooperate with the crowd she's with for activities. A poofa also will play "victim of circumstance" as a response to not wanting the results of her actions.
She was being a poofa because someone said she had on too much makeup so she sat in a corner and ignored everyone.
After lying to her boyfriend the poofa tried to get upset when she was caught. (Many more examples are relevant but that's the basics)
by eeyoee January 28, 2012
Basically the same as poofy but cooler
"wow my hair is so poofa today!"
by jishhduuuun February 29, 2016
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