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To have sex with an unwilling drunk or drugged person, under the guise of friendship. The offender will usually offer to "drive" the victim home & may position themselves for innocent cuddling, mimicking a lap dog.
Look at that sober guy taking that wasted chick home, she's getting poodled tonight.

"I don't remember anything from last night, but I woke up naked, I've been poodled!"
by dentontrth May 25, 2010
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To be charged a fee as a direct result of being charged another fee by your credit card company. Happens especially when you are both maxxed out and a day late with a payment.

Derived from Fee-fee = Fifi
I've been poodled by Capital One!
by Abiebaby April 14, 2005
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1. When confused/muddled.
2. When violently confused/muddled.
3. When disturbed.
'This mathematical equation has me terribly poodled!'

by Kate Dyer August 28, 2008
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