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A term of endearment that can be used in place of corny words such as "babe" or "honey." Origin a mix of panda and Buddha and can be referred to anyone exhibiting these two words in any form. A poodah is someone you love, someone who is cuter than cute, and sweet.
Poodah, I love you, you're my besty!

Poody, you so stupy sometimes.

Poodah, why are you chewing on bamboo????
#term of endearment #panda #buddha #love #honey
by bototheho February 28, 2011
Is a name used to butter up someone that means the world to you
Poodah I'll always love you
#imopinions #sherriwilson #ronaldkent #love #marriage
by Mr.Kent January 13, 2014
Poodah is when you engage in anal sex and you pull out your meaty,wet,veiny cock and you still have poo residue on your junk. see also poo dick
Mary: wow that was a great railing on my ass you just did.
Skyler: Yeah I know but you gave me that poodah
#faggot #poo #dick #poodah #bitch
by Daks October 18, 2007
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