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a little piece of poo; a pebble of poo
i had to go to the bathroom really bad, but all that came out was a pooble.
by stacey murphy August 12, 2005
A small, pebble sized piece of poo. This problem typically occurs while traveling. For some reason the body alters the crap factory and wants to save the really satisfying dumps for home.
You okay?

Man, I felt like I had to crap but all I could drop were a few lousy poobles. I'm totally plugged.
by vrknoise January 19, 2009
Those little chunks of poop that come back after you have flushed the toilet causing you to choose between wasting water by flushing again or looking like a pig when the next person uses the bathroom.
I went into my friends bathroom and there were a bunch of poobles at the bottom of the toilet.
by mathteacher33 July 20, 2010
The involuntary act of passing small pebble-like segments of stool. This condition usually occurs after having received too much anal penetration, thereby loosening the anal flaps.
(S)he has been penetrated so many times (s)he's dripping poobles everywhere.
by pooble August 24, 2009
A direct reference to touching someone's private areas.
Stop touching my poobles!...

Me and my friends went out and these people kept groping on my poobles.

Get off my poobles!
by Turbo Sausage May 04, 2010
Adj. Someone who's very grunty or see, it's a multiple meaning word! Here are some examples:
"'re such a pooble!", sais a girl to a boy playing comic games and laughing. --> The list goes on and on!
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