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A person who is usually an upper-middle class white male, is extremely racist towards black people, and stereotypes all other ethnicities. Also, this person sometimes may have a "secret" group of friends as opposed to his "main" group of friends. In addition, this person lives by a phrase that goes like this " You see __YOUR NAME__, there are smart people and there are stupid people." Furthermore, this people is usually involved with government or high positions of authority inducted by treason or bribery.
YOU: "Yo man, wanna hang out today at like 6pm and get dinner?"

Friend: " Ah no man I can't, I have some people to chill with."

You: " Wow dude, you totally sound like a Poo-Dull Ferrari."

Friend: " Ah my bad dude. I'll be over."
by MegZShangHai69 February 23, 2010