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Noun - You know who they are:
- A person scamming people for money
- Someone that uses something that isn't theirs
- People that are constantly losing
- One that gets banned for cheating
- No Skills at what they do
- A liar, fraud, loser, bum, hypocrite
- A very sad individual

Definition - A person who is basically all types of negative bundled up into one. Beware!!

DirtyMoose: What's up Kush? What's new today?

Kush: Nothin much, except I'm hearing that Irv is spreading rumors again about me.

DirtyMoose: Don't trip off him, Irv is nothin but A Brown Poo Star, I tried warning you about him.

Kush: True you did warn me about him. Lol funny.. Poo Star, thats a perfect word for him

DirtyMoose: Even funnier if you look it up on urbandictionary

Kush: I'll have to look it up later.
by LiC Og April 01, 2014
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