a male enjoys insert their genitalia into another mans anus
look its that damn poo pirate again
by Cupernicus November 08, 2002
Top Definition
A poo pirate is a homosexual man, commonly refered to as a fag or/and homo. However the term Poo Pirate is very fitting as they like to raid/ravage each others asses like pirates
"Man look at that poo pirate"

"Ur dads a poo pirate"

"What's the bet that guys a poo pirate"

"No need to get all cut cause ur a poo pirate"
by Shush_rules November 23, 2006
One who pirates poo; a captain of a poo-going vessel with a full poo crew.
Good sir, i believe you to be a poo pirate!
I say!
by I got no pants April 20, 2003
One Who Steals Your Dirty Starfish
Arr!, I be a Poo Pirate, and I'm coming to steal your dirty starfish!
by Thom August 10, 2004
A male who willingly engages in anal sex with another male.
I do declare that Mr Stromberg eyed me up most distastefully in geography today. I swear the man's a poo pirate!
by Kopf Slap November 11, 2009
A poo pirate is when someone poos there panties when a hand is raised or a ball is kicked near them.
Poo pirates are also scared of sharp objects, forward girls, spicy food, and downing pints.
Paolo: Hey Danny, try and smash that shot top corner
Danny: I am trying, but my shots are not as powerfull as they used to be.
Paolo: Stop being a Poo Pirate and hit it.
by pirlolovescassano December 07, 2009
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