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1) A ridiculous pony.

2) A person resembling a ridiculous pony.

3) A gymnast with an inner thigh tattoo.

4) A gymnast under the age of 14 with a tongue bar.
Ponyta is a ridiculous pony!!!! - spoken by president taft
by Guyver!! October 05, 2010
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a pokemon who resembles a horse on fire. It is a basic fire type and evolves into a rapidash. It has great attack and speed but lacks defensive backup similar to houndour (another fire type) shiny ponytas are cool and needed to make a person seem less geeky
person1: OMG its a ponyta

ponyta: jskaljfdsak;jfdsl;ajfj jdksja;fd:)

person2: is it shiny

person1: oh yeah it is

ponyta:hdsaf dsaf ds afds af dsa f dsa fjds afdjs af daf dsa fdj saf ds
by ponytawithasideofyoda September 15, 2009
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