dick, cock, shlong,
Hey baby why dont u come ride my pony.
by Philip October 22, 2003
The leg muscles - more specifically the quads. Only used when the legs are large/strong enough to merit their own mention. Hiking up one's pants or unisuit is another way of displaying ones ponies - this is referred to as a "pony show."
Used mainly by Long Island rowers or anyone similarly severely disattached from reality.
"Yo my ponies are yuge."

"We got an audience today, time to give em the pony show."
by The Horror, the horror October 16, 2007
A person who is being a Pussy. Begins with P and ends with Y.
That banker stood me up and didn't even call. What a total pony.
by Museli January 15, 2007
it means prostitute of new york
your a dirty ass pony bitch

i'm not from new york bitch
by carson daly April 10, 2006
the name of any intramurel sporting team that is stacked with prossional players.
"I can't believe we lost to those ponies, JUST because they added Lebron and Kobe to their roster!"
by mike sok October 30, 2009
a word used to describe a shit in social occasions as no one will ever know what it is .

as ponys/ horses are normally brown and big there is a connection
i really need a pony
sorry about the pony cough
James looks like he needs a good pony
by nadeybabey July 10, 2008
adj. Spelled p-o-n-y, but pronounced poweny. This word, originally from the rural hickish lands of Northern California means sylish, trendy, or as the French would say "Chic". The word is not only to be used in reference to fashon, but is also very highly found describing other items and actions.
Michelles fuck-me boots look so pony on her.

David's baum was so pony.

I miss Michelle and her fuck me boots, and Davids baum... pony.
by Ken Doe March 09, 2005

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