One of the less attractive models (during the early 90s) of Ford Mustangs.Like the white on vanilla ice owned. Not including the original or the 2006 models cos they were cool.
"Look at that cat in his pony thinking he hard"
"Should of got a warranty on that thing, he's gonna get beats"
by snakeeyes July 29, 2006
n: a very cute girl with make-up, fancy clothing, and blown out hair. Often used in plural form. Speaks to the level polish for an event or evening.

Originated in California, where groups of women spent hours blow drying their, "manes" in preparation for a nigth on the town.
" I am out with my girls tonight. We are rolling thick, and everyone is totally a pony."
by Anne February 08, 2005
Crap, Shit, Garbage
"Dr Dre and Jay-Z are dope
unlike Stepho, who is probably pony at rapping"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
slang for a Ford Mustang, an older muscle car that was quickly replaced and outshined by the Pontiac Firebird.
Man, your firebird just smoked that pony.
by The Vince December 01, 2003
Also used in conjunction with the words "My little" to form the phrase My Little Pony. A "Pony" or "My Little Pony" is usually reminiscent of a frail, white trash child, covered in spaghetti sauce and dirt stains, with floppy, greasy hair, resembling the toy "My little Pony" which was left out in the backyard all winter long.
Look at the trail of Pony's walking into Wal-Mart.
by Brandon September 19, 2003
To partake in sexual intercourse, characterised by a combination of gratuitous ferocity, a profound absence of mercy and occasional insanity towards the recipient. Normally the prescribed response to a minor infraction.
Brad: "Dude, Charlene's getting her John Wayne walk on today"
Todd: "Yeah, she forgot to do the dishes, I had to pony her ass"
Brad: "Sweet"
by Joshoid April 02, 2006
A word with the same meaning as pinny, small penis, used discretely to prevent teachers or authority figures from finding out what is being talked about.
Greg likes Kerry riding his pony although he cannot feel it due to its unhumainly small size.
by Yuppie November 04, 2004

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