1. A person who gets more ass than a Pony at a county fair.

2. A person who just got fucked.
1. God, did you hear who hooked up with Pony last night?

2. Man, she got ponied real good.
by The_Indelible_Queen_M March 03, 2011
A Pony is a person who is new to first and third person shooter games, or just sucks. You can use a "Pony" to keep yourself protected and get kills. By following a Pony around and letting them take point, it allows you to follow behind them and clean up their mess, thus keeping you safe in situations where you probably would have died and allowing you to snake kills from inexperienced players.
I'm gunna follow this Pony around and see how many of his kills I can take.
by BuBlLeS February 22, 2011
1. Adj. Weak; lame; pussy; pathetic; stupid; retarded, idiot, dumb-ass comical in its sheer idiocy or feebleness. Subpar;
2. A really lame object/person or action
3. With gamers, it usually refers to the lame actions or ineffective gameplay referring to the awkwardness of their movements or lack of coordination while playing and thus getting owned.
4. Used when frustrated as well when the pony is the source of the frustration
1."Man that guy was a total pony"
2."What a pony ass nigga"
3. "That movie was totally pony"
4. "That team was a bunch of ponies."
5. "They all played like a bunch of ponies"
6. "I havent seen so many ponies since a horse show"
7. "Man pony"
8. "Dammit why did you have to act like/ be such a pony. "
by D.Griffin June 05, 2007
term made famous by Miss Veronica Vera- formally a new york porn star and star of TRANNY SCHOOL.
p- prostitute
o- of
n- new
y- york
MISS VERAS FINISHING ACADEMY: "where little boys become little girls"
by cheriẹ July 05, 2005
The mini bottled beers. AKA- grenades- Generally a product by Mickey's out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I don't want the whole bottle, probably just a pony.
by sfarag May 09, 2005
n: a male acting like a jerk and disrespecting the female that he is in a relationship with. A pony does not have the balls of a real man to step up the game with his girl. He is unstable with his emotions and the signals he sends and is too scared to be a real man. He is the opposite of a stallion.
(1)"This guy is never direct about how he feels and has absolutely no game."

"Ugh, he's such a pony!"

(2) "I didn't have enough courage to tell her how I really feel."

"Damn, you pulled a pony!"
by Noname987 March 31, 2010
1 (n): A loser, tool, or person of lower standing
2 (v): a) to own or humiliate through defeat b) to spam text through a chat program (especially in IRC) with the word "pony" or similar phrases, implying that an individual or group is a pony

Originated in #team-de on irc.gamesurge.net
1. Man, what a pony; he was still buying when we planted.
2. a) We ponied them pretty good, they forfieted after the half. b) #hellx got ponied hard, but then we all got banned.
by sKratch August 08, 2004

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