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Latin-american version of saying something is "cheesy" (no exact translation exists, its a word of its own). Refers to people showing affection to each other or something in particular. Mostly used when addressing a romantic couple showing PDA, a very sentimental conversation or a very deep romantic feeling. This word is only used by the HIGH CLASS (loaded) people. This word was invented in the wealthy, private bilingual schools in Honduras and has moved on to Costa Rica, Panama and other Latin American countries. Every wealthy student from the private schools in Latin America use this word.
"Oh my god- that couple is so pony it just makes me wanna vomit!"

"Doll, I had the poniest conversation with my boyfriend last, its was adorab"

"Oh my god, my boyfriend is so pony.. He like.. took me to Paris for the weekend" (typical in honduran wealthy class)
by Brazilianbabe1999 October 18, 2012
1: Slang term for anything relating to the show "My Little Pony"
2: A horse shorter than 5 feet
3: Twenty-five British pounds
Person 1: "Dude, whatcha watching?"
Person 2: "Ponies."

Person 1: "Is that a horse?"
Person 2: "Nope. It's a pony."

Person 1: "How does this cost?"
Person 2: "A pony."
by HyperPonyGBX5 February 29, 2012
Tyler Lettieri
Yo I got a group of fine chicks that wanna come chill but Tyler wants to stay home and wack his meat. He's a damn pony!
by rasti man August 04, 2011
A 14.3hh little shit that is not meant to hike around kids at birthday parties.
Oh, I ride a pony
by strawberryfieldsforever09 August 02, 2011
A pony is a girl that's beautiful, that you can ride all night long
Kylie is such a pony
by J Mon November 06, 2010
Noun - Pony - Marijuana i.e I LOVE PONY

Verb - (To ride the pony/getting pony'd) - To partake in any form of sense enhancing activity e.g getting high/drunk.
I ride the pony most weekends.

I got so pony'd I fell on my face twice and now I look like an actual pony...

Could go on forever. Pony is universal. Use at own disposal. All comes from a love of pony and a new found love of actual ponies....
Thought pony riding was fun.
Horse riding is A TRIP.
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010
Any type of plant related drug or drug that you smoke. (ex: Cannabis or smoking plant of choice) Got Code word to use when in places where Drug use is not suppose to be talked about
Dane: Hey Ricky, I just got a Pony you wana come check it out?
Ricky: Sure man, Tell me is it a good looking pony?
Dane: You got that right!
Jane: Since when did you get a pony?!?!
Dane : Since i said so so hop off the cock lady
( Rick and Dane Played of talking about Drugs in front of Jane by saying Pony's)
by SeñorA1 May 19, 2010