(v.t.) usually with "up", especially when referring to money, often in card games and other gambling

possibly from the Spanish /poner/ meaning (but with the generally opposite sense of "down"):
put down
lay down
set down
"OK... the game is Texas Hold 'Em, Jacks or better.... Pony Up!"
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004
Traditional Nickname in the Royal Navy & Royal Marines given to anyone with the surname MOORE after
George Washington "Pony" Moore (1820-1909)
'Pony' Moore ran the Magpie Music Hall (Battersea) and later formed the Moore and Burgess Minstrels (an offshoot of the Christy Minstrels and very famous in the mid-19th century) He was the father of 'Charlie' Mitchell - Heavyweight boxer and the greatest Barroom fighter of the 19th Century.
Pony Moore was a well known sporting character who allegedly always bet in "ponies" (betting slang for a sum of £25).
"Does Pony want anything from the NAAFI? He's on Dog Watch tonight so could probably do with a bit of Nutty"
by Lewey May 12, 2008
A person who participates in erotic roleplay as a pony, horse or other type of equine. Used in conjunction with the activity itself: "ponyplay".
She likes pulling a cart as a pony.
by CabbyD November 16, 2013
1: Slang term for anything relating to the show "My Little Pony"
2: A horse shorter than 5 feet
3: Twenty-five British pounds
Person 1: "Dude, whatcha watching?"
Person 2: "Ponies."

Person 1: "Is that a horse?"
Person 2: "Nope. It's a pony."

Person 1: "How does this cost?"
Person 2: "A pony."
by HyperPonyGBX5 February 29, 2012
Another word for cigarette. Used when you don't want someone to know that you smoke. Usually around kids or your parents. Simply say the word "pony" when you want one and others will follow.
I could really use a pony.

Is it pony time?

Lets have a pony?
by GrChRo April 08, 2011
1. Noun. Content relating to the My Little Pony franchise (and especially My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). This content can include (but isn't limited to) fan art, fan fiction and photos.

2. Plural for pony.

2. The ancestors of most modern ponies developed small stature due to living on the margins of livable horse habitat. - Wikipedia
"Modern Warfare 3 cost me two ponies!"
by Wimbleflat February 18, 2012
the horsepower of a car or other vehicle
Ive got 450 ponys under the hood in my camaro
by jordan keeps it real May 16, 2008

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