Stuffing one or more ponys up your anus for sexual pleasure. Pony + anus = Ponus
I got 3 millions ponys up my anus. And an anaconda. And a foot. I love ponus.
by Team Carrot November 11, 2013
a person who has sported a mullett since an early age, and engages in posting videos on facebook of himself chugging 22 oz beers and encourages "kids" to try it at home. May also be the only white person hanging out with a group of minorities and will stare down random strangers at bars.
"yo look at this kid and his pony mane. why is he ice grilling me. I dont even know him. Oh thats the same kid you showed me on facebook bragging about how fast he can crush a 22. oz beer. total ponus"
by Arvydas SaPonus December 23, 2013
1. Something that makes an annoying noise for a long period of time.
2. Something you say when playing video games and you get a high score, headshot etc.
1. That idiot is being such a ponus! He won't shut up!

2. Ponus! I got a tactical nuke playing modern warfare 2!
by ravensdude June 10, 2010

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