1: A popular muscle car.

Also stands for: Poor Old Nigga Thinks It's A Cadillac
1: Hey, you seen that G5 roll up the other day? Balla status mayne!

2: Man, that fool drives a 59' Star Chief, Lawd knows what's under the hood, and his engine sounds like a field of cows with stomach cancer, but he treats it like a fucking Escalade. Poor Old Nigga Thinks It's A Cadillac.

by Poopdeck222 March 28, 2007
adjective: tacky in a New Jersey-eque, guido kind of way. Can refer to any manner of people, places, things.
The town of Secaucus, NJ is completely Pontiac, with it's lack of culture, lack of class, and tendancy toward all things guido
by dizzzzzzzzzz October 16, 2005
Always an innovator, they've been known to produce a few classics in their day, but all they build is shit these days. The '62 Tempest with the Cross-Fire manifold and a pair of singles was a pretty hot performer in it's class...Oh! That's right...there was nothing else in it's class!
bubba: Man, dat '62 Tempest is pretty peppy!
HTRN: Yeah, it's too bad about that piece o' shit ass-end-mounted tranny, tho.
by daDebil April 24, 2004
Fo sho' its a car. But it done got meaning son.
Look at that fool. Thinks he's all that. He's got 20's on a godamn PONTIAC.

Fo' sho son. Holla out to the 804. JP out.
by JP February 01, 2005
Poor old nigger thinks its a cadillac
Look at that black guy, he thinks he's pimpin.
by The one October 16, 2003
pontiac - short for: po nigga thought it a Cadillac.
except for the GTO, a pontiac is just a low class cadillac
except for the GTO, a pontiac is just a low class cadillac
by bigdaddymatty September 12, 2006
Horrible car manufacturer, a wretched division of GM (Chevy, Buick, Caddie, GMC, Saturn and Daewoo/Opel/Holden also shares the same reputation as piles of hog shits, with the exceptions of Hummer and Saab). Avoid Pontiac at all costs; has engine/trasmission failure, glitches, fugly looking car with bad engineering, followed by liable warranty that may amaze you in your dreams. Drive the car and you will see how crappy the Ponties are. Especially with minivans and SUVS.
Owner #1: I bought my Pontiac Montana today! It is spacious, good and big.
Owner #2: I bought my G6/Gran Prix today! Cool looking sedan, and drives well.
Owner #3 (Former/non GM driver): You guys are fumbducks! Drive for a while and your car will get fucked up.
by HateMainstreamMusic April 30, 2008

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