Poor ol' nigga thinks its a cadilac
U see a nigga drivn in a pontiac
by Trystian March 29, 2008
shitty car

Hah, look at that stupid fuck in his pontiac.
Only a low class nigger would show up in that pontiac.
Push that pontiac, dumbfuck.
by kid hitla March 14, 2009
Acronym for:
A Pontiac is a crappy car, only deigned to look good with one purpose in mind, to be slow as hell and shitty in performance.
by RiCHBOi March 06, 2008
Poor old Nigga thought it a cadilac
i am not racist dont get the wrong idea...
by derek November 19, 2003
a very terrible piece of crap car possibly the worst ever built, they have problems right off the lot, waste of time and money stay away from the idiots who drive these joke cars.
hey like my new car? yea what is it? a Pontiac man...its got 7,000 miles on it and my power steering doesn't work and it needs a new catalytic converter
by jdm112 April 29, 2009
Poor Old Nigger Thinks Its A Cadillac
I just bought a Pontiac throw some D's on it.
by J Remy August 30, 2007
"Poor Old Niger Thinks Its A Cadillac"
IS what it stands for
"that old Niger is so confused" IS WHAT PONTIAC stands for
by xcadex May 16, 2006
A once great car that is loosing its quality and appeal due to lack of engineering and marketing.
Pontiacs were great cars when they made the Catalina, Star Chief, Firebird and Bonneville
by "Great One" owner August 26, 2003
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