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Big fat dudes who are generally hairy and have a really big beer belly. Their kids are called Pondprincesses and Pondprinces. The women who love Pondbears are a derivative called Swampcats.
At the swing club last night Elle and I saw a bunch of Pondbears and Swampcats screwing in the hot tub. It was gross.
by Dickfitzwell02 June 19, 2011
A suspected sexual deviant. Someone who engages in hilarious or off-the-wall sexual activities.
Ya, Rod is definitely a Pond Bear. Did you see the way he was lining up to enter that goat from the rear?
by Pondy Bun April 26, 2011
Someone that enjoys rolling around and playing on surfaces other than a bed. Also, a pondbear is someone that must be cleaned by someone other then themselves and and can be bathed in any standing water, i.e. lakes, ponds, rivers, puddles, or water hoses.
Look at that there pondbear all swimming around and such. That pondbear just loves to roll around. It's time to clean the pondbear.
by Pipaw August 21, 2010

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