Another term for a "high five", usually said in order to initiate the giving of the five.
"Yeah that's great, gimme five!"


"Yeah that's great, Poncho!"
by webbedfeethead March 14, 2007
A noob-ish Battlefield Vietnam player with delusions of granduer. A self congradulatory pip-squeak who perceives himself as knowing all but in fact knows very little. "Poncho" is derived from ancient Aztec and literally translates to: Dickhead with bigmouth. This term is usually used in a derogitory sense when refering to someone of little worth.
1. Listen to that idiot, he's such a Poncho.

2. Wake up to yourself and stop acting like a poncho.
by Australian BFV Community March 10, 2005
Similar to Sancho. Only He tries to get some but can't.
That poncho went after my girlfriend but she turned him down.
by Latoya S January 17, 2004
A shitty ass mexican blanket with a hole.
Hey that stinky mexican blanket has a hole in it. Therefore, it must be a poncho, and you must be a douche.
by Bill Lambier August 19, 2007
girl who you would be embarassed to hook up with. for reasons such as, a stanky vag, giant bush, or she hasnt showered for 11 days.
haha look! its poncho pippi! man that vag is stanky.
by jthang May 16, 2004
a man that has a regular penis but instead of a butthole, you have a vagina, from which you shit out of
She's hot! nah, i heard she was a poncho!
Another word for condom
I wanted to have unprotected sex but Marielle brought a poncho.
by Mylan! July 03, 2016
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