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1.)The greatest, sweetest, most perfect guy in the world. One I can completely confide in, and care for with the strongest love imaginable.

2.)"Ponchi" Thai meaning for (with luck)
1.) "I love you, Ponchi."

2.) <Closing of a letter>

by AnnaLee February 08, 2006
ponchis is a Spanish slang term referring to very upbeat music such as techno or rave.
That party was very ponchis; I spent almost the whole night dry humpin hawt ass chicks to the music.
by MRmcluvin February 06, 2010
the act of taking your bros girlfriend, usually a girl that the person introduced themselves
Hey I noticed you added my girl on Facebook. C'mon man, don't be a Ponchis.
by gtonmah April 17, 2011