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pronounced ( pooh - na - knee )
1. Panini Bread, the kind you eat.
2. The manly discreate way to say pussy. Derived from Panini Bread. Ponani is hot and served with two buns.
Kyle, You get some ponani?
How's your ponani Amy?
Her ponani was like a brillo pad.
by johhnyb8107 May 01, 2007
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Pusssyyyyyy !
Ponani is pussyyyyy
by dick218 July 30, 2011
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English slang used as a way of telling your boi's that you have Weed and some pussy present and that you need to get your arse over and roll on it

Derived from Po which is a shorted word for potent A.k.a strong or high grade smoke (canabis)

nani: is the last half of another slag word of jamaican origin Punani meaning pussy, gash, snatch, fanny,
Jamo: yeah wos happening man you ko0l?

Rev: yeee boi im coochin what you saying?


Rev:Yeahhh? where you at blud?


Rev:fuck off im there!
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