Small suburban town in northern new jersey. nice neighborhoods, good school system and some remaining beautiful mountainous woods, although most of the hallowed party grounds of past generations have been dozed and developed. Suburb of paterson. Of the worst superfund sites in n.j (2nd only to newark's agent orange clean-up) due to toxic-pollution remaning from the E.I. DuPont Co. explosives plant's formally located therein from the 19th century untill close in April 1994. the Illness of residents is becoming a pandemik in the small town, likely due to the high amount of toxins left from dupont, most notably several solvents used to degrease machinery, including PCE and TCE, and Mercury and lead which haven been linked in some studies to certain forms of cancer.

Pompton Lakes is also refered to as "Tromaville" the fictional n.j-town in the movie "The Toxic Avenger" due to the similarities in the two towns being located in nj as well as being horribly contaminated. Pompton lakes high school was also the location for filming of the movie "in and Out" starring Kevin Kline.
The Pompton Lakes water has me forgetting my kid's names and making my hair fall out...
by pompton toxic avenger December 12, 2010
Top Definition
Small town in Passaic County, Northern Jersey, known for its marijuana, tunnels, and woods. Party here. Also known as Pompton.
They went to Pompton for that kegger last weekend.

Everyone wants to get out of Pompton Lakes as soon as they can.
by pompton laaaaakes February 21, 2010
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