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New Zealand term of abuse for Britain, reflecting the terrifying, dangerous wasteland that it has become. Used by British expatriates who have moved to NZ. Pom = Australian & NZ slang for a British person + suffix suggesting Mongolia, windblown desert area of Asia, renowned for its banditry, unpleasant climate and remoteness from civilisation.
An Auckland conversation I overheard:
Gregg: Do you think you'll ever go back to the UK, Dad?
Gregg's dad: What? Pomgolia? Not fucking likely, not after last time. I'm leaving that disgusting shit hole behind me.
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress October 02, 2005
Frighteningly cold hell-hole in the Northern Hemisphere inhabited by pastey whingers with a general lack of sporting ability.

Many centuries ago Pomgolians ruled the world. Now they are a laughing stock.
Many folk flee Pomgolia to avoid the climate and fat wankers
by Don Paullo January 21, 2006
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