the greatest fruit ever. pomegranates own! go to
pomegranates make for a delicious snack.
by EmoChild December 03, 2003
Top Definition
An awesome fruit where you suck on the seeds, then either spit them out or swallow them. They make your hands pretty dirty, though
This Pomegranate is awesome. It's so sour and sweet and yummy.
by Honjo Norgen October 09, 2005
the colour of Jared Leto's mohawk
It's not pink, it's pomegranate!
by urbankitten March 29, 2011
The annoying punchline to every joke (good or bad).
"And you know what he said next?"
"What did he say?"
"POMEGRANATE?! Aww, man!"
by mtrenchfan February 20, 2012
A sexual position where a pomegranate is cut open, the seeds being inserted into the penis shaft. When the man ejaculates, pomegranate seeds will be expelled into the woman's mouth, where they are ingested.
Hey Ricardo, I totally made that girl eat my pomegranates the other night.
by Tylord February 26, 2008
A Girl who loves to give excellent head. Loves to make out with guys and then finish them off with oral sex. Often very willing to do anything sexually and except have sex. A pomegranate will joke around about sex with guys who she wants to give head to. They are very flirty but rarely serious speak about their sexual exploits. Once you get head from a pomegranate you will be hooked, luckily so will she.
That girl Sally, gave me excellent head, and now she wants to do it again

Yeah, didn't you know she was a pomegranate.
by lizzym141 June 28, 2011
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