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Short for Pleb, in this case a particularly hard-core member of the lower orders, a prole, one of the hoi polloi, the Great Unwashed. A crude crass gross-grain, graceless and charmless. Has no culture or learning and don't want none neither. Compare les plepons in French, i pieponi in Italian: a word with pedigree.
Polypian Q PLeppoon can't read the News of the World any more, insofar as he can read at all. Maybe he got it for the pictures. I wonder what he will do now? I suppose he's still got Git Magazine. He'll probably smoke yet more pungent cheap fags, drink more evil-smelling cheap beer, and hold more loud parties for the benefit of local council scum who swarm over his slutty daughter like flies over a specially luscious turd.
by Mr Thin December 24, 2012
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