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Collective Noun
1. a: When a group of police officers pile onto and fight with a "resistive offender" on the ground.

b: At the end of a police pursuit, when the police chase a "resistive offender" down on foot and tackle him/her to effect the arrest.

c: Usually done to gain control of and arrest a "restive offender".

Not to be confused police brutality, excessive force, unlawful force, police misconduct, anything else bad, wrong, or negative.


hockey love, street justice, attitude adjustment, put the boots to
Did you see the "Polyester Pig Pile" on tv after the high speed pursuit yesterday.

The bad guy sure got his from the "Polyester Pig Pile".
#police #slang #law enforcement #jargon #pigs #funny
by claycopopo March 08, 2013
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