POLAND - the most beautiful country in the world!!!
Kocham Polske!
I love Poland!

Polska to fajny kraj.
by brzydal October 18, 2006
Top Definition
Short for Rzeczpospolita Polska.
Meaning: The Republic of Poland
Polska na zawsze!!!!!
by Anna December 26, 2003
The most beautiful and friendly country on the world...
by Aragorn May 05, 2003
The country which will unleash its vengeance upon the world for its unfair treatment.
Poland will rise and the world shall know and fear the motherland.
by ThePhoenix June 08, 2005
A person of Polish decent, from the country of Poland, located in Europe
*Polish Mafia*
Have a party
Have a bal
Drink some beer
Fuck'em all
Roll a joint
Smoke some weed
Do some acid
Take some speed
We are polish
We have class
Fuck with us and
We'll kick your ass

Polska #1
by Wioleta September 18, 2003
Collective or singular noun used to describe the recent wave of immigrants into the UK from Poland. Polska are noticeable by their surly attitude and total lack of interest in integrating with English customs and people. But at least they're not muslims
"Saw the fucking polska on the end of my street last night. Walked past em and said alright and they didnt even reply"
"Cunts arent they?"
"Aye. Polska out"
by Nozzer September 05, 2006

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