The South Jersey word for "Secret Santa": A game in which you secretly draw a person's name out of a hat and then you have to buy that person a gift. POLLYANNA!
"Who did you draw for pollyanna this year?"

"Shhh... I got Liz. I think I'm going to buy her a webcam because I heard thats what she wants this year."
by winslow pride December 14, 2009
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An internal optimist in the face of adversity (reality).

From the title character of the 1960 Disney movie starring a young Hayley Mills.
I lost my job, my girlfriend and someone stole my car. What the fuck do you mean I should cheer up, Pollyanna?
by Tarbash May 16, 2006
Noun- an excessively or blindly optimistic person or Verb-unreasonably or illogically optimistic
I was going to jail but my girlfriend was being a pollyanna saying it would be a learning experience.
by Outkast82 April 23, 2007
Queen of this motherfucking shit, she's awesome
"Pollyanna, I love you."
"Bitch, who doesn't?"
by queenofthisfuckingshit April 10, 2015
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