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Segment on the Daily Show where Dave Gorman acts as a statistical analyst (deliberately meant to be confused with smoking pole,a euphemism for blow jobs, but not the same thing as pole in the blow job sense is not spelled P-O-L-L, but rather P-O-L-E--if confused look it up in a non-urban dictionary)
Jon Stewart: Next up, another segment of Poll Smoker with Dave Gorman.

Dave Gorman: Thanks John, and whose poll shall I smoke today? Gallup's? Pew's?
by dmkinn May 10, 2006
a person that gives oral pleasure to a
"ha ha.. That girl is a Poll Smoker!"
by ShoVel July 24, 2003
one who gives blow jobs
Man danny is such a poll smoking faggo
by TonyMontana May 25, 2003
Poll Smoker- 1) one who loves to suck cock good 2) one who enjoys poll smokes
Cheerz Poll Smoker
by Dustin the Pimp September 04, 2003
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