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The altruistic art of lifting about half of the money from each of our wallets every year and spending it with prudence, enlightenment and efficiency.

40% of our fellow adults are gleefully satisfied with the benevolent outcomes of this arrangement. You know this because when it’s election day, they don’t vote.
“I’m not going to vote, I hate politics.”

“Really? That’s amazing, I thought you loved politics. When I reach over the table and grab one fry from your plate you throw a complete conniption. But every year when your politicians take, in total, more than half of your hard-earned money, you don’t vote to do a thing about it. So I think you secretly love having a bunch of rich, old white men take your money and do whatever they want with it, no matter how demeaning and controlling their laws are to your life and to the lives of the people you love. That's quite a fetish you've got going on there, I hadn’t realized you were such a political submissive.”
by PMac Attack August 23, 2012
21 2
Proof that human beings are, indeed, dumbasses.
Typical politics in action:

Republican: My party's better than yours!
Democrat: No, my party's better!
Independent: Both of you shut the fuck up!
by Santa Claussssss December 20, 2009
12 7
A giant waste of time.
Who ever goes crazy over politics is an idiot.
by Colin H. Christ June 30, 2009
14 9
Some boring ass shit. Seriously.
Dude #1: Hey Dude #2, aren't politics fun and interesting?

Dude #2: No.

Ron Simmons: .....DAMN!!
by Noobmuncher3000 May 16, 2007
21 16
A slowly expanding world wide blow out sale on human rights since 2001 A.D.
Politics declare war on <insert overblown reason> and slowly dismantle all your rights like free speech and the freedom of opinion for their paymasters from industry, economy and commerce.
by lonarlunatic March 06, 2012
4 0
the quote-unquote "refined" art of speaking, often for long periods of time, without actually saying anything.
Democrats and Republicans alike are masters of the art of politics.
by Achory September 24, 2009
6 2
Showbiz for ugly people
Politics are just showbiz for ugly people, example, John Howard
by Jonno8825 January 02, 2009
12 8
Bullshit that keeps everyone from the truth.
Look at all of this violence in the world; it is due to politics.
by TruthHurts187 March 30, 2013
3 0