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Irrational behavior by politicians who mischaracterize their behavior as a calculated change from the politics as usual. In practice the behavior is often inconsistent or bizarre and can be seen by many rational observers as a freak show. However, there are some people who want to believe there is substance despite being illogical and the evidence to the contrary.
Bush's compassionate conservativism was a new version of "politics as unusual" as it was neither compassionate nor conservative but instead was inconsistent with the core values of compassion and conservatism.

Sarah Palin has created a cliché of "politics as unusual" with her bizarre behavior, and unusual characteristics which she tries sell as a preferred moral and ethical alternative.

Sarah's ability to explain her foreign policy credentials ("you can see Russia from Alaska...", "Russian diplomats fly over Alaska on their way to the USA...") in a way that would be impressive to the average KMART shopper.

Sarah has made parents of minor unwed mothers who are still in high school the ideal candidate for family values.

Sarah said a Governor should resign when under fire to save the government cost providing information on ethic violations to the public becomes too high.
by mlhiss July 04, 2009
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