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Someone who talks, breathes, writes, lives and embraces political life, often at the expense of human relationships. A Politicogeek can generally work in government at some level, but not as a bureaucrat. Bureaucrats are not allowed to comment or participate openly in the political processes of the United States.

Most Politicogeek's are not artists, scientists, mathematicians, or scholars in any field except political science(which is a pseudo science). Politicogeek knock on doors and ask for money, similar to the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, with the same zealous commitment, and wish for you to go on a “mission” as well.

Politicogeek's define their candidate by the amount of money they can raise, not by their ability to accomplish anything constructive in the legislature on behalf of the public's common good. Politicogeek's meet like Al-anon, except they do not acknowledge their addiction problem and have no process or steps to improve their life. Politicogeek's do not accept any type of dissension, critique and only fain a sense of humor.
A politicogeek convention is where people convene to create political platforms.
by patientsatireman July 07, 2012
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