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A variation of Dutch Oven.

When you fart under the covers (while alone, or missing the other person in the attack) and pull the covers over your own head in a self-Dutch Oven. Not to be confused with a Sacrificial Dutch Oven (sometimes Kamakaze Oven) Where you fart under the covers while cuddling someone and pull the cover over both of your heads to ensure the other person bears the brunt of your Methane attack while sacraficing yourself in the act.
"After Mike Did a dutch oven to Sara and Alexis, Alexis farted under the covers, pulled the blanket over just her own head while shouting out: 'Dutch Oven!' Therby Polish Ovening herself.
by Jason Swetland April 03, 2007
It's similar to a Dutch oven, where someone farts and pulls the covers over your head ... Except you inflict it upon yourself.
She said it didn't smell that bad ... peeked under the covers and gave herself a Polish oven.
by Chris Madison December 27, 2013
When a females head is in the lap of a males, and the male farts and pulls a blanket over the females head or when a male and a female are in bed, and the male farts and pulls the covers of the females head
Danny put ashley in the polish oven last night after a bean filled dinner.
by Afrothug March 08, 2004
A variation of the Dutch oven.
This is when you poop under the covers to keep you warm on a cold wintery night.
How many pollacks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: none, theyre asleep in a bed full of mookie stinks.
by Mr.Dude January 09, 2004
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