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Polish boy who is rich, has money gets everything, and spoils his girl

(see Polish Princess
He is rich, loves his Polish Princess
by 7 Train January 28, 2004
Nick name for Bobby Vinton, a popular singer of the 60's and 70's
And that was Bobby Vinton, the Polish Price with his latest chart topper.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
An attractive male of polish decent. Usually is well endowed, hence the polish hotdog.
Oh god he's a pure polish prince with those looks.
by Virgin Of Luck June 26, 2006
A pollock that chases men to grab sacks. This stupid action would only be acceptable in Poland.
The Polish Prince tries to grab the sacks in the mens touch football league.
by Booyakashaabazala June 12, 2007
Former Navy ass-kisser who loves the taste of curry.
Look at Krystian, under Susans desk slurping up her curry!!!
by Chunk July 11, 2003
The kingdom rejoiced when Darrin gave birth to a polish prince.
by Dags July 18, 2005
A boy named Justin who does stupid actions which would only be acceptable in Poland.
Other name could be Pollock
One who grabs at all objects owned by someone else and tries to hide them
by Stephan McKinley July 19, 2004

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