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When you have a polish friend they will drop everything they are doing at any time, to come and help you out, and ask for nothing in return because they know that's what friends do.

Polish Insurance can involve a lift at 4am in the morning, when your drunk and high off your tits and have no money for a taxi.
Lunch at a nice restaurant or bar for no reason, just to catch up.
Or a favor so crazy and dangerous no one else will do it.
Polish guy floating in a pool, on a tropical Island, half a world away with a half empty bottle of vodka, enjoying a holiday for the first time in 10 years.

*Phone rings, best friend on the line back at home*
"Hey bro I'm out of money at a petrol station, I know your in Thailand but can you help me out, I need $40"

Polish guy "Done bro, Polish Insurance!, I sent $100 just in case you need a scotch on the way home, anything else you need brother?"

*Polish friend chilling at a smoke up and birthday party*
"Hey bro, I know you like smoking weed occasionally, so for your birthday I got you this kick ass bong"

"Bro, this is worth $300!"

"Whats your point, its your birthday, enjoy it, Polish insurance my brother!"
by Piotr Polak November 28, 2012
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