The Polish Bike Ride, or PBR as it is called in the slums of Denver, is a term refering to any sexual assault on a plant. No one knows how long they had been doing it, but the first recorded PBR occurred at a Broncos game with one drunken fan and a young fern. The fan quoted after the arrest, "the bi**h asked for it".
Polish Bike Ride is described in the definition and the ascii art below:

- --
----- - ----------------
--------------------- -- - --
- --------
---------------------- --
by Larry Obannan August 18, 2006
When a man is having sex with a woman from behind in the doggy position, there is another woman riding the woman as if on a bike holding her braids like handle bars and making a pedaling motion with her feet, and massaging herself.
Dani has had a polish bike ride now that kayla rode her like a horse as she was pounded from behind.
by Jesus C. Hrist September 19, 2005
For those whore are sexually ignorant. Involves either male or female using misproportioned inanimate objects and inserting said objects into orfice. This in turn brings about pain and pleasure.
The dumb cunt should take a polish bike ride and leave me alone!
by jizzohn November 10, 2004
When a man is having sex with a woman from behind, he grips her waist,lifts his feet and starts kicking her in the breasts.
I gave my wife a polish bike ride. now she has brusies all over her tits.
by Trevor November 12, 2004
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