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The Polin' game (also known as the standing up game) originated in Bossier City, Louisiana. The game was made in defiance of the game known as the lying down game (better known as planking). The object is to pole in the most ridiculous spot. The general rules are the exact same, except you must be standing up instead of lying down. You must also post a picture of yourself on the internet to display yourself Polin'.
Coleman: Dude don't even fake on me man my shoes I just got look mad tight.
Jp: Dude they seriously do, I'm not even faking on you.
Austin: You think it would be bomb if I was polin' by that charger?
Jp and Coleman: No Doubt, it would look awesome if you looked like a pole by that charger.
by Polin318 July 12, 2011
A pole used for acrobatics in a Strip Club
(same as a pole, only rhymes with Rollin')
She Rockin' She Rollin' she Rollin' she climbin that POLIN
by Greg Baynham April 07, 2006

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