An acronym for "pussy of last resort"; pronounced "poh-ler." Used to describe a woman whom you would otherwise avoid, but because of extreme horniness (and/or drunkenness) you end up calling, texting, or otherwise pursuing. Analogous to the naval adage, "Any port in a storm."
I was so desperate last night that I had to go POLaR!
by Dan I am February 06, 2010
Top Definition
a word white people call each other; it is unacceptable for a black person to call a white person a Polar.
My Polars and I had a nice evening last night. We ate at an Applebees, then made whoopi to our respective wives.

Damn porch Polars!!!
by Polar ized November 08, 2011
beyond cool
"That jacket is so polar, Shannon! Where'd you get it?"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
a girl who is a slut
Everyone thinks Madison is polar.
by kmarulz512 March 26, 2005
To be stone cold about a certain issue, just plain mean.
"she was so polar to him."
"why was he so polar back there?"
by itsmebitches... August 08, 2009
To describe the weather when it's cold or blizzard-like outside.
Carlo: "Yo, you tring to go downtown tonight?"
Paul: "Nah son. It's straight polar outside!"
by a;skljfhnvewio April 03, 2008
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