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Jumping into the ocean in the morning. Not only crazy, but freezing.
Polar bearing: the pins and needles feeling that you get when you're sitting on your leg is the feeling you get all over when you jump into the water that early.
by your solar eyes October 07, 2006
26 5
starts out with chopping a hole into a frozen over lake, then having you and a few of your friends jump into the freezing cold and spend as much as time in there as desired..... usually its a total of 3 seconds
Lets go polar bearing in Lake Sinai before I give you a Rusty Trombone.
by Pep14 December 08, 2008
13 2
Polar bearing is when you trick a person into making a decision involving a series or set of actions without them realizing it, then getting them to repeat that action over and over like a polar bear in captivity.
I really hate making copies so I'm polarbearing John's ass in accounting to take care of all that crap for me.
by bearhugger5000 January 04, 2012
1 0
The act of two large animals engaging in hugging, cuddling and snuggling
My wife and I went polarbearing last night and it was glorious
by osteotomy April 07, 2009
2 1