A country that must be entirely de-populated because most of them are working in England as plumbers, cleaners and prostitutes. In fact the pro's are damn hot.

I have noticed that many of them are anti-semitic and intolerant of non-whites, but yet they still rant on about killing nazi's during the war, which they lost in 1 month 5 days by the way.

National currency is the potato.

National drink is Wezlekiazzssias vodka.

National language is English oops sorry polish.
Poland lady: Can you tell me where I can get a job?

English man: What as, cleaner or prositute?

Poland lady: ummm.
by Jonboy211 November 28, 2007
A country that seems to send most of it's population to Mansfield without any prior knowleage of English, and no useful skills whatsoever.

Inhabitants of Poland can often be found in the town centre, speaking bloody Polish and swearing at innocent old grannies who think we've been invaded.
Polish person: blahdy blahdy vodnik splish.

English Chav(the first time they've had a use ever): Fuck off back to Poland you Dickhead.

Me: nice work, chav person.
by Vitolium July 26, 2006
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