Function: abbreviation

Policy Of Least Astonishment, a principle in interface design/engineering that existing practices and expectations should not be changed without enough prior notice and discussion, in order to avoid catching other colleagues with unexpected confusion and/or frustration.

Repeated violation of POLA is often a sign of a prima donna (someone with an egotistical "my way, or no way" attitude).
Hey, good job violating POLA by negating the return value of that function... Do you even realize you just broke the entire thing for 6289367918234 days until the others fix their own code that calls your function?
by Eugene M. Kim October 24, 2005
Top Definition
Pola: Short, or slang, for a Polaroid snapshot. Jargon with high fashion models.
“Take a look at the polas from my last shoot that my lovely agency sent me,” said Angel B.
by Kit Marley May 27, 2016
In colombia means Beer.
Hey dame una pola!

hey give me a beer!
by ThugQuitian June 16, 2015
A person that thinks they know everything.
Also a person that thinks they have been everywhere and experienced the world.

See Faulse Wisdom
<Pola> When i was in Vietnam hunting tigers i learnt how to track anything with just my nose, so your keys are over there.
by ATO July 22, 2003
a caucasion male who appears to have african american qualities

derived from the term Polar bear... a white bear whereas most other bears are brown

also known as a wigger
person a: what are you doing today?
Pola: nah much boi, chillin, you know how i do. Im bout ta go cop me a new fitted tho fa sho.
by Allie Mae December 03, 2007
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