A "Pokey Stick" is a thin, flexible, slightly stiff wire used to clear the small aperatures (holes/openings or air passages) in pipes, bongs, vaporizers and or other pot-smoking instruments or appliances. Resins and other debris often block or clog up tiny air passages and the Pokey Stick can un-block them to enable continued use of a pipe, etc ... between periodic deep-cleanings. While many kinds of thin wire can work as a Pokey Stick, it's preferred to have a somewhat stiff wire, such as is used for hat pins (generally hardened brass, silver, nickel silver, gold). The wire should be long (6" to 12") and approximately 18-gauge (1mm or 0.045" diameter). Often, Pokey Sticks will have some unique or attractive decoration at the "holding" end. Long hat pins can make great Pokey Sticks. A Pokey Stick can be a useful ... even essential ... tool in your stoner paraphernalia kit. :)
My Pokey Stick is super-handy tool when I just wanna unclog my pipe, vape or bong to make it usable, and I don't have time to thoroughly clean it.
by gr8pop December 10, 2012
Top Definition
Pokey Stick is a delicious cheesy bread stick like creation served by Gumby's Pizza.
Ummm, I can't wait to eat some Pokey Sticks.
by November C January 16, 2011
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