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A long pointy stick made of metal or wood, used to stir or scrape a fatty bowl.
Dude I'm out of grass, but if you hand me that there pokey stabby I might be able to scrape us up a gnarly resin bowl.
by yippykiayaymotherfucker August 12, 2011
Any object that is used to "poke", stir, or clean out a bowl of bud, either during, before or after smoking.
Oh shit, there is still some ash from that last gnarly bowl in my bong slide, hand me a pokey stabby so i might clean it out.
by Mr. Macgyver May 28, 2011
A small but very uncomfortable pine or pike that has been lodged in between ones shirt and skin. Usually of the plant decent and are a lot of the time, discovered during sleep or slumber.
After John woke up an a sense of panic and after ripping off his sweat shirt and throwing it across the room, resulting in the zipper of the sweat shirt hitting him in the face. Soon he discovered that the culprit for his nighttime attacker was but a Pokey Stabby
by kittenmcsprinklez November 27, 2013
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