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Formally know as "pate pokerian sartorial musclia", the common nomenclature of poker thigh is more widely used. This horrendous muscle strain is inflicted upon the upper thigh region, usually stemming from a pronated reaching or stretching maneuver across a table, whereby the patient wins a large mountain of chips playing poker (as God intended) and upon reaching too far forward with his ill gotten gains, pulls a muscle in his upper thigh. The secondary diagnosis is found to be a girlish yelp, somewhat reminiscent of a horny panda, which then leads to a frantic, almost spastic, hopping action to rid ones body of the karmic pain inflicted upon them for their evil ways on the poker table.

The only known remedy is constant reminders of the incident, which usually result in a side effect of uncontrollable laughter from those who are told the story as it occurred.
"This guy at the table was acting all cocky, until he got won that hand and got struck with Poker Thigh."
by Poker Buddies June 22, 2007
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