A cartoon known to attempt to create hot chicks, but failed miserably at that...though the first seasons up to Johto were great.
Look! That red-haried girl from Pokemon! I would love to see some Hentai of her!
by Ash's Mom is not hot January 24, 2005
1) The slang way for a gangster/black man to say "poking man" as a way to inform the "poker" that he is "poking" and should stop.
2) A series of movies/cards/action-figures/toys that are extremely annoying. for most people,,, "Godam retarted unbelievable mounds of portable testicle warts" fits the description better.
3) My worst nightmare.
Gangsta#1: Pokemon!
Gangsta#2: Kk jeez sorry... im not poking u!!! im not poking u.
*Bam* *gangsta 2 gone*
*Micheal Jackson
3) "aaa OMGz!11!!!1!1!!!!!!!!111 it a pokemon!!!Z
by YugihoDude June 28, 2006
1)A word used as a cover up for "pornography". 2)Reference to pornogrophy.
So I was watchin Pokemon and this Lickytongue was just savagely attacking this Ditto! Then all of a sudden a Poliwrath started double slappin the ditto!

Translation: I was watching porn the other day and this guy was hella eating out this chic! Then he started finger fucking her!"
by Thy Beloved Count March 21, 2005
1. An idiotic, yet extreemly addictive game that was a fad for about a year in 2000. (subliminal message: Help me... Pikachu is secrectly trying to take over the world.

2. A gay Japanese guy with no social life outside his nearest Pokemon fan club.
John is such a pokemon, he needs to get out more.

Pokemon are trying to rape me.
by Ben Dover April 14, 2004
To poke ones mom
Hey I just pokemon!!
by Nintendo June 09, 2003
Stupid(but not evil) creatures that are getting more attention than deserved.
If you haters stop bashing pokemon, lovers will lose interest in it and give attention to what really deserves it. POKEMON IS NOT EVIL! THEY'RE STUPID!
Find something else to do!
by TanooKirby June 01, 2003
Really Idiotic show
Characters are Dumbasses
Pikachu is a very stupid pokemon and example
by Joe March 23, 2005

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