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The best game you will ever play. If you hate pokemon,you're a fucking fag. Pokemon isn't for little kids, It's for people who are made of pure win!
Person 1:Hey did you see the new pokemon episode?
Person 2:Pokemon?Pokemon is gay.
Person 1:you're gay.
by BloodyLunar December 02, 2010
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A very sad story of a game franchise that started out cool, but sold the game to consumer whore 7 year olds.

back when pokemon was first introduced, it was the shizz.
EVERYONE played it, the games, the plot, the products, and the pokemon themselfs, were great... UNTIL the third season, where nintendo started copying their own ideas. they made ekens into "seviper" and pikachu into "pachirisu" i LOVED the first two seasons, but now, whenever i see a reference to pokemon, it brings back meloncholy, on what used to be great.
I miss the good days, when pokemon was cool :'(
by Bubba2x4 October 27, 2009
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pokemon is a japenese comic. pokemon is short for pocket monsters. it came to the U.S. as a trading card game in 1999. along with other game boy color games called Red and Blue based in the Kanto region, then yellow. this consisted of the first 150 pokemon. later on nintendo and game freak made Pokemon Silver, Chrystal, and Gold came out and was based in the Johto region but you could later continue that game in the previously known Kanto region. with these games also released a set of new pokemon. in 2002, the game boy advance versions came out called ruby and sapphire and in may 2005 emerald came out which was an expansion on ruby and sapphire which is a game that takes place in the newly released Hoenn region with a set of all new pokemon. then the nintendo ds came out in 2005 and games called pokemon ranger and pokemon blue/red mystery dungeon were released and those just totally suck ass. then in 2007, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out in a whole new region of Sinnoh region with again a whole new sit of pokemon...now there are over 486...omg, they needed to stop a while ago. anyway, there are also other pokemon games for gamecube and nintendo 64 called pokemon snap, pokemon Colosseum, pokemon xd, pokemon channel, and some others that elude me at the moment. but the ones that are really fun are the rpg ones for gbc, gba, and nds. im 16 and i still play those games. they're fucking fun as hell. pokemon is not for noobs. it is awesome and so is the tv shows, although i do think that they need to stop while they are ahead and just quit making more pokemon.
faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person: omg i cant believe you still like this gay japanese thing.
me: dude my alakazam could pwn your ass.
faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person: youre gay!
me: pokemon rocks.
(faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person now goes and kills himself because he is emo and thinks that pokemon nerds are taking over the world)
by kiwifuzzl June 04, 2007
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ok so pokemon originated in japan, and was brought to the us. the first games, wich featured the first 150 pokemon plus mew,were the best in my opinion. than the anime series came and kinda killed it, becaus the show was honestly 4 little kids. but pokemon is still strong. i can remember, in 3rd grade your coolness was cordinated with what cards you have. and i had tons and i still do. and in middle school everyone predended to hate it cept me i had stickers and drawings all over my stuff.... and it was this big thing when me or my buddies found a girl that still liked it man i remember this one girl, i new her for like 3 years and didnt know she liked it til one day i was in social studies and noticed she was useing cindaqual as a book mark. and dont lie and say u dont like it, cause its monsters u use to beat up other monsters with and get to put in red balls. also dont lie, because i know u got up early just to watch the show. i know i did. by the end of the first week i could recite the whole poke-rap.trivia;the first second gen. pokemon to appear in the series is ho-oh, in the first episode. also, i bet u stay up to midnite just to beat whatever new game u got. i no i do. the market has been killed by spin-offs and fakes, but honestly even i got a copy of the mad issu in wich they decide how to kill pikachu. the card game is great, the video game are great, but the show kinda sucks. i know that imm way to old to play it
person1: hey i get mew at toysrus!
person2:no way how
person1:my mom drove me there
person2:so how many pokemon u got now?
person1:all of them
by epicalyrandom November 28, 2011
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What the kids like to play
What do you like to play



Pokeman with the poke and da man and the guy cumes out and he hits the f fahfhghfhgahagaghaag!
by ChaotixDemon July 11, 2008
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another word for porno
"Nick! Stop watching pokemon!"
by sorryunknown July 16, 2012
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A media franchise owned by Nintendo. It is played by many age groups although horny teenagers use terms related to pokemon to describe crazy sex manoeuvres.
10 year old: Yay, my Charmeleon evolved into a Charizard!

Horny teenager: Are you talking about the pokemon or the act in which a man lights a girls pubes on fire

10 year old: What? I just want to beat my rival's Venusaur.

Horny teenager: That means to insert a bonsai tree up a woman's vagina.

10 year old: Oh My God! That's just weird! I knew I should've chosen Squirtle.

Horny Teenager: Oh yeah, to Blastoise someone means to squirt water pistols up their vagina and anus at the same time.

10 year old: (Starts crying)
by x=-b+-sqrtb^2-4ac/2a October 20, 2011
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