Once a very popular TV Show, Card game and video game which I myself was quite a fan of at the time. The TV Show and Card game sort of fizzled out after Poke'mon had had its time but the games were very good and they still exist to day. Of course I'm always seeing new card series's being brought out and am occasionally mildy interested because the artwork on some of the cards was rather good. In fact the card game was very popular and a lot of fights broke out about people not trading fairly and people even resorted to stealing others cards but I knew it had all gotten out of hand when at my first school they had people to watch over the swapping of Poke'mon cards and advising people on good swaps. Eventually most schools banned Poke'mon cards (and any others for that matter). So, when they began bringing out all those new Poke'mon and card sets it got a bit boring. So all in all the original Poke'mon cards, games and possibly the TV series was a rather good achievement but it never managed to keep a lot of fans after a few years, but, of course there are still dedicated Poke'mon fans all over the world.
When Poke'mon was cool:

Person 1: Whoa look I got this Japanese import of Venusaur!

Person 2: Oh well cool! Swap it for my shiny Clefairy!?

Person 1: No way!
by Craig January 21, 2005
1. A series of video games created by Satoshi Tajiri for the Nintendo Game Boy. Pokémon literally invented the turn-based R.P.G. genre, so if you play Final Fantasy or any other turn-based game, you might have Pokémon to thank for that.

Many consider it to be quite childish. Sure, the games and such are directed to a young demographic, but many teenagers and adults play it as well. There's even an entire Cheezburger website dedicated to Pokemon-themed image memes and videos!

2. The creatures in the Pokémon games themselves. Notable examples include Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Squirtle.

The word is often misspelled "Pokemon", without the accent on the E. It's often spelt like this because most North American keyboards do not have an "é" key, just an "e".
1. Person A: I like Pokémon.

Person B: Lol, fag. Final Fantasy is better.

Person A: (stunned look)

2. Pokémon are fictional animals created for the Pokémon video game series. As of January 2012, there are 649 (!) Pokémon, from Bulbasaur to Genesect.
by ForgingIron January 27, 2012
The greatest video game/card game/tv show of all time
Pokemon Dialogue:

You wanna go to the gym!?

Nah bro I've already got all the badges
by definitionsbytom March 04, 2013
Programmed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo. Pokemon Red and Green were published in Japan 1996 and In America 1998 as Red and Blue
Pokemon is my favorite video game series!
by The EpikLemonz October 04, 2015
Oh... OH LOOK! It's POKEMON! You know your life revolved around this shit when you were 10. You got that motherfucking GameBoy for Christmas and a ton of Pokemon cards. Everyone always made fun of you because you never had a holographic Charizard.
But no dumbass ever did.
You're 20 and still into Pokemon. And I'm not talking about that crap they show on TV. I'm talking the real deal: The actual shit. Blue and Red, but you always wanted Red to compensate for that holographic Charizard you never had.
So you look back and smile, and remember that you lived in that time.
You kicked ass with your Pokemanz. You still do, and you're not afraid to admit it because you're still into that kind of shit you were eight years ago.
I don't need to give a damn example. You know perfectly well what this shit is. It's Pokemon.
by DeathByAshen July 04, 2012
Pokemon is love Pokemon is life, Pokemon is only for real niggas who don't mess around
I beat Pokemon therefor imma Pokemon master
by SupLickMe July 29, 2014
A game that you can enjoy no matter what age you are, you can still enjoy it!
Pokemon is a great game!
by DCOgle July 18, 2014
General: A video game series by Nintendo and game freak originally on the game boy, it has gotten newer games on the GB color, advance, DS and 3ds, with remakes of red, green/blue, gold and silver. It puts the player in a world inhabited by humans and creatures known as Pokemon, which the player can catch, battle with other NPC/player trainers, and level up. As Pokemon level up, they become stronger and gain new abilities as well as evolve into a stronger version of that Pokemon species. There are currently (as of x and y) 718 different species of Pokemon, some rarer to find than others.

Plot: the Pokemon games start out with the player choosing their name and gender, and put into their hometown. (oddly, its always the only town in the entire region that doesn't have a Pokemon center or gym, but has the regional professor) They are then given a choice between three Pokemon, a fire, water, and grass type, the players rival takes the one that is stronger than the player's choice. The player is then set loose into the world (each game is set in a different region, kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, unova and kalos) where they must challenge the eight gyms and disrupt the plans of an evil organization. They then challenge the elite four and the champion, if they are successful, the player wins the game and is free to do as they please from then on.

It also has an anime and a card game.
Joe: duuuude, did you get the new Pokémon?
Ana: Of course I did! And don't call me dude.
Joe: let's battle then!
by kirby9006 November 24, 2013
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