Once a very popular TV Show, Card game and video game which I myself was quite a fan of at the time. The TV Show and Card game sort of fizzled out after Poke'mon had had its time but the games were very good and they still exist to day. Of course I'm always seeing new card series's being brought out and am occasionally mildy interested because the artwork on some of the cards was rather good. In fact the card game was very popular and a lot of fights broke out about people not trading fairly and people even resorted to stealing others cards but I knew it had all gotten out of hand when at my first school they had people to watch over the swapping of Poke'mon cards and advising people on good swaps. Eventually most schools banned Poke'mon cards (and any others for that matter). So, when they began bringing out all those new Poke'mon and card sets it got a bit boring. So all in all the original Poke'mon cards, games and possibly the TV series was a rather good achievement but it never managed to keep a lot of fans after a few years, but, of course there are still dedicated Poke'mon fans all over the world.
When Poke'mon was cool:

Person 1: Whoa look I got this Japanese import of Venusaur!

Person 2: Oh well cool! Swap it for my shiny Clefairy!?

Person 1: No way!
by Craig January 21, 2005
1 word for this "game."
it would be...what is it? oh yeah Gay
Nerd: i play pokemon!
non-lameass: i know who's ass to kick!
by pokemonfreak1231 April 15, 2005
...right up there with Barney and Telletubbies.
Only raving homos would watch this pokemon shit, it even makes Barney look good.
by Assholes Inc. September 03, 2003
A gay show that little stupid kids wasted thier money on
p1: Like my new car that I bought
p2: yeah, were did you get all the money?
p1: U remember da job we got back in 1999, I've been saving da money!
p2: oh
p1: What happen 2 your money?
p2: I spent da fucking money om shity po-gay-mon cards that I fucking lost
p1: ha ha i told ya!
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
A game (or card game) is for loser that need to get a life!
like yo man got some pokemon cards ya! There so cool!!!WRONG! There for loser.
by XX man December 23, 2005
useless waste of time and money that could be spent on loads of better things (practically everything)
lets all go do pokemon!
by Anti-Chav June 03, 2005
The reason people hate children, pokémon was invented by an asshole in Japan. It soon spread and consumed the globe more efficiently and more quickly than the bubonic plague.
Since then, pokémon has manifested itself as a really fucking annoying television show, which is known to cause seizures, incontinence, leprosy, herpes, tourette syndrome, and demonic possesion.
guy 1"What the hell is this shit?"
guy 2"It's pokémon,"
guy 1"That explains the seizures and leprosy"
guy 2"and my loss of control of my bowels"
by got_human? February 11, 2005
A game created by satan to lure little kids to do his bidding.
Bobby, Pokemon is the Devil.
by Tatanka September 11, 2003

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