The god of evil in certain Japanese cult religions such as Monster Hunter. Pokegamism (the worship of Pokegami) is currently gaining in popularity, thanks to the Gigginox Incident, where Pokegami triumphed over Arato, the main god of these cults. Symptoms that Pokegami is taking over your mind include an aversion to white dragons and developing incredible resistance to fire.
A: But Pokegami...
B: You can't mention P******i, you know, it's taboo.
by TheOriginalPokegami September 20, 2011
Top Definition
The act of helping a group complete a minor, insignificant task within a broader category of more difficult tasks, after which the actor ceases to help, claiming full reward for the more difficult tasks he/she did not help with. Also refers to a person who does the act.
He didn't help at all! He's such a Pokegami.
by Zeke50100 August 03, 2010
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