Pokeintheeye, A legendary type of martial arts witch like judo mostly involved throwing a tripping, pokeintheeye involves striking your foe's the eyes with ones fingers.
So, you may be a master of Kung Fu, but i am a master of POKEINTHEEYE
by Goober The Gvate May 16, 2003
Top Definition
A breakfast treat!

Take a slice of white bread, fold in half. Take a bite out of the middle. Unfold. You should be left with a square of bread, but with a round hole in the centre. (If not, see a dentist, or the bedside glass where you put your false teeth...).
Fry in the fat left by the sausages and bacon, whilst carefully breaking an egg in the 'poke'. Fry gently, then turn it.

Great with good quality sausages, bacon and grilled Portobello mushrooms. (Plus Heinz beans, fried tomatoes, grilled onion halves, partner, anything else that springs to mind)
See definition.
by andycrofts December 12, 2011
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