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Pornography featuring the little critters known as Pokémon in various sexually pleasing, compromising, and maybe even unsettling poses.
When I die, hide my stash of Poképorn from my mom.
#pokémon #hsowa #pikachu #pornography #might get you in jail
by squeezetoy June 15, 2009
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Artwork or fanfiction involving intercourse with Pokemon or characters from it.

This term is commonly used when either anthropomorphic Pokemon or specific Gym Leaders are involved.
Girl: Did you see this?! somebody drew some Pokeporn with Leavanny!

Girl 2: That's appalling, they should've used Sewaddle.
#pokephiliac #pokephilia #zoophilia #pokeality #beastiality
by Tellin'itlikeitis54 July 06, 2011
Pokeporn otherwise pokemon hentai meaning a furry or a pornography drawing that fans draw
Dallas: omfg you look at pokeporn ....
Josh: no no no noooo I dont

Dallas: then why is it in your history

Josh: .....
#hentai #porn #furries #graphic porn #cartoon porn
by Homie J~Dog May 10, 2014
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